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Fun in Clawson


Clawson Town residents, children and parents alike climb aboard for a trick or treating tour around town.

The town of Clawson may not be very big. With a population of 154, you might not even know it's there. But, the people of Clawson have a lot of heart. The town recently hosted a Fall Harvest celebration. Originally planned as an outdoor event, the celebration was moved indoors due to inclement weather. The activities included dinner and games for everyone.

Clawson is proud of its heritage. It is located seven miles southwest of Castle Dale. It was settled in the spring of 1897 and was originally named Kingsville after one of the original settlers. In 1904 the Mormon apostle Rudger Clawson visited the town and the town was so impressed with his visit they changed the name to Clawson. Some agree with that story of the naming of the town and others say the town was already named Clawson before the apostle came to town.

If you ask anyone in Utah where Clawson, Utah is they might not be able to tell you.But, Clawson is in the heart of Emery County, here residents gather together in times of need and crisis and support each other. It is a tight knit community. You might think Clawson is just a suburb of Ferron, but you would be wrong. Clawson has its own post office and town hall. Around the town hall there is a pavilion with picnic tables where parties are held and residents can use the facility for personal activities as well. Clawson at one time had its own school which closed in 1933. Students from Clawson attend elementary school in Ferron and San Rafael Junior High. High school students attend school at Emery High in Castle Dale.

Children stand around the Clawson Town sign at the Harvest celebration

Clawson also has plans for a ball field for the youth and possibly a play area for ATV and motorcycle use. Playground equipment is also near the pavilion facility for the youngsters of the town to play on. One difficulty Clawson has is people tend to go too fast down the narrow streets of the town. Also SR-10 which intersects Clawson is often a source of difficulty as cars reach high speeds out on the road and don't remain alert when people are turning off the Clawson exits into the small town.

Clawson's mayor is Carey Bloomer who is active in the town making improvements and helping the town any way she can. She is assisted by her town council members, Gerry Hatch, Jon Sorensen, Jerry Price and Amanda Price. Clawson's town council and mayor are active on boards throughout the county, serving on the council of governments and the economic development council.

To celebrate Halloween the town gathered the small trick or treaters together. They were put on hay wagons and driven throughout the town to trick or treat together. The youngsters seemed to have a good time as they rode around from house to house with their friends. Parents also joined the group as the weather was perfect for a Halloween Hayride event. After the trick or treating was complete the residents returned to the town hall to have doughnuts and drinks.

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