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Dian Thomas entertains crowds with presentation of festive ideas


The Emery County Fair goers were treated to the fun ideas presented by Dian Thomas. She did presentations on July 25 and 26 under the big top at the fairgrounds. Thomas has appeared on numerous television shows and is known throughout the nation for her creative and festive ideas.

Thomas specializes in ideas that are quick and inexpensive. At her presentation on July 25 she described all of the fun things you can do with dry ice. She made a pumpkin out of a plastic bottle and put a piece of dry ice inside. She covered the ice with hot water and the vapor from the dry ice came out the top of the pumpkin. She said you can also cut holes for the eyes and nose and the vapor will come out through those holes. She said one one her favorite things to do is to enter a Halloween party with a flowing pumpkin in her witches hat and cape.

Thomas also showed how a yard of muslin can quickly turn into a rag doll. She also enlightened the crowd on dutch oven cooking. One tip Thomas is famous for is her ice cream in a can. You put a smaller container with a lid and the ice cream custard inside of a coffee can. Fill the can with ice and rock salt and put on the lid. Kick the can around for a while and the ice cream freezes for an instant treat.

Thomas describes her special brand of ideas in her books: Holiday Fun-Year Round which gives tips on how to make holidays special year-round, Roughing it Easy, Fun at Home with Dian Thomas and Today's Tips for Easy Living contain plenty of suggestions.

County residents took the tips and ideas seriously, as the next day in the fair parade the Emery Telcom float; which is a train engine, had smoke coming out of the stack courtesy of the dry ice tip.

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