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Emery High to present musical, "Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Dory Peacock plays the role of Millie.

The Emery High School Drama Department is proud to present the exciting musical production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. This play will be presented by Emery High students on Nov. 15, 16, 17, at the Emery High Auditorium.

Prices for Thoroughly Modern Millie $5 for adults, $4 for students, children under 5 are free.

This Jazz Musical is set in the "Roaring 20s" in New York City. It is the story of Millie Dilmount from Salina, Kan. who travels to New York to seek her fortune only to have her purse, her suitcase, her hat, and one of her shoes stolen in the first few minutes after arriving in the city.

She lands at the Hotel Priscilla, a hotel for out-of-work actresses where she comes up with a sure-fire plan for success. Millie is going to marry her boss. Her only problem is that she hasn't found a job with an unmarried boss yet.

The owner of the hotel, Mrs. Meers, has another business on the side. She kidnaps out-of-work actresses who are orphans and sells them in Asia. She has her sights set on kidnapping Millie and Millie's new friend Dorothy, an orphan from California who has come to New York.

Millie finds a job with a handsome and single boss but before doing so she has met a local hustler - Jimmy who could ruin her plans.The play is a romantic comedy that looks back to the time of big dance musicals. The entire cast is made up of 40 students.

Millie is played by Dory Peacock, Dorothy by Katherine DeBry, Jimmy is Jordan Sanders and Millie's boss - Trevor Greydon is played by Scotty Phillips. The evil Mrs. Meers is Kaitlin Potter and her two henchmen - Ching Ho and Bun Foo are played by Ben Partis and Tanner Crawford. The musical direction was done by Marilee Cox, stage direction by Neal Peacock and choreography by Bethany Peacock. This is the first play produced by Emery High this year and the 126th play directed by Neal Peacock in a 25 year career.

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