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Letter to the Editor: Repeal the War Powers Act

Green River


We cannot have a united effort to win any war as we did in World War II unless we repeal the War Powers Act. Let us not kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Take the power out of the United Nations.

The United States is "One nation under God." We must never destroy the U.S. Constitution that clearly states: Congress shall have power to declare war.

Nor can we continue to send our jobs with our industry over seas at the will of the Department of Commerce (Presidential powers).

Full Congressional approval of Congress is all the people; the ones who fight the wars.

Our Central Intelligence Agency must not become a double agent for the United Nations and the United States, as it shares military secrets with the UN Security Council.

It does not matter who we elect to the White House, until Congress unanimously repeals the War Powers Act, unless we desire to bleed the US with more no win wars.

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