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Huntington film festival number one

Dean Lehwalder, at left, along with Percy and Janice Mounteer welcome locals to the Meet and Greet at the first Huntington Film Festival. Three local entries were shown along with some made by film makers from out of the area.

Lehwalder is excited about the prospects for the continuation of the film festival next year. He along with theatre owners Janice and Percy Mounteer envision the film festival growing into a medium of local expression for aspiring film directors.

Percy has plans to get a date set for 2008 as soon as possible.

It is hoped the sooner they start the advertising the sooner people can begin work on their film for 2008. Percy thinks businesses can also get in on the action by doing a film to promote their business and show a bit of what they do.

Documentaries are also welcome if you have a cause you wish to get out there in the public's eye.

Wood said he had a lot of fun making his film which he wrote, directed, edited and arranged the sound track for the production.

Wood chose local actors for his film debut and local school grounds in Castle Dale and Orangeville became the site for the science fiction thriller.

So thrilling in fact the local sheriff's office was called when a teacher from a local school called and reported the action, thinking it might be criminal. But, all good movies have their tales to tell and this will be an unforgettable experience for Wood and his cast.

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