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National Adoption Awareness Month: Part IV


Adopted children know their parents love them and worked hard to bring them into their family.

Being adopted was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have not always thought that, but now know that it was. You see I never doubted that my adopted family wanted me, that my adopted brothers, sister and parents loved me.

What scared me was how others outside my family would treat me. I grew up in Utah, but am from another country. It's easy to tell that our family is an adopted family, we are a mixture of races, but that's OK. We are closer because of it.

It's when I'm outside of my family circle that doubts creep in. Someone once asked, "How can you love brothers and sisters if you're not related by blood?"

What gives me comfort is that my Dad loves my Mom and they aren't related by blood. We love and support each other because we are a family, not the other way around. My parents waited a lot longer than nine months for my arrival and have treated me as the best surprise gift that they ever received. If you were to ask any one of my brothers or sister, "Which of your parents adopted children is their favorite?" they would all think that they were. It has been the best blessing that I could have ever received to be adopted into a family of loving and supporting members and knowing we are an eternal family. Thanks mom and dad for working so hard to make me a member of our family.

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