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Letter to the Editor: War in Iraq



The casual follower of news programs might be wondering what has become of the flood of bad news we were constantly inundated with concerning our nation's war in Iraq. One might wonder if Iraq has recently dropped from the face of the earth or perhaps the media has finally ran out of words to describe the daily carnage that must be continuing there. Surely if the situation in Iraq had changed for the better we would be told of the good news with the same enthusiasm used to inform us of the bad.

Fortunately the situation in Iraq has drastically improved. Best of all American military and Iraqi civilian deaths have decreased dramatically. Unfortunately much of the media does not feel the need to report this development as energetically as they report the news of failure. The reason for this, I've read, is stories are written when planes crash, not when planes land safely. This is true enough, however if a plane crashing has been the story every day for an extended time and one day the planes cease to crash because of an applied remedy, the safe landing becomes news which should be reported.

President Bush warned us early on that many victories in the war against the terror will not be known by the public. This warning certainly seems to be ringing all too clear concerning our war in Iraq.

During World War II Winston Churchill raised his first and second fingers to form a "V" as a sign for victory. I am beginning to think if our war in Iraq cultivates a similar sign for victory, it will be the index finger raised to the lips, and a quiet shhh will be blown over the finger.

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