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Green River Pirates

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Green River photos by Kalynn Fail

As the 2007-08 high school basketball season continues, the Green River High basketball teams struggle to improve. With three losses last week, the boys team is still, winless in the young season while the Lady Pirates finally won two games after losing their first four of the season.

The Lady Pirates, after losing 37-29 to Valley, defeated Kanab 48-27 and Tabiona 60-36. The boys lost to Escalante 80-27, Milford 40-34 and Bryce Valley 56-41.

Escalante took the lead at the opening tip and never looked back. They led 25-2 after the first quarter and 43-16 at the half. Brennan Bigelow was the leading scorer for Green River with 13 points. Tyson Johnson added 8 points, Luis Mendoza added 5 points and Kayden Mecham 1 point.

Green River lead after the first quarter against Milford 10-8 and at the half 19-18. The two teams were tied after three quarters at 31-31 before Milford finally took the lead in the final period as they outscored the Pirate team 9-3 in that final period. Bigelow again was the leading scorer with 19 points. Tyson scored 6 points, Jason Johnson scored 4 points, Kayden scored 3 points and Holden Marshall scored 2 points.

Against Bryce Valley, Green River again took the opening quarter lead at 14-10. Bryce had a big second quarter and led at the half 33-24. After their lead was extended in the third quarter to 49-33, Green River won the final period 8-7. Kayden was the leading scorer with 12 points while Marshall added 9 points and Bigelow had 8 points. Jason had 7 points, Tyson 4 points and Earl Nelson 1 point.

Brandi Webster was the leading scorer for Green River in each of their three ball games. Brandi had 12 points against Valley, 19 points against Kanab and 30 points against Tabiona.

Green River had an 8-6 first quarter lead relinquished it in the second period and never regained the lead in the game. Also scoring for the Pirates were Bailie Packer with 7 points, Crosby Hatt with 4 points and Leah Swalberg, Jill Vetere and Tracy Engleman with 2 points each.

Against Kanab, Green River took the early lead at 10-5, led at the half 23-13 and again after three periods 30-21 before outscoring Kanab 18-6 in final period to grab their first win of the season. Leah scored 8 points, Crosby scored 7 points, Jill and Melissa Antillon each scored 4 points while Bailie, Tracy and Sarah Swalberg each scored 2 points.

Against Tabiona, Green River again grabbed the first quarter lead at 13-10 and then dominated the game after that as they won each quarter of the game. Besides Brandi's big game, Jill and Crosby each scored 10 points, Leah added 6 points and Sarah and Bailie each scored 2 points.

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