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Letter to the Editor: Uss Kitty Hawk / China

Salt Lake City


All Americans should be outraged because China did not allow USS Kitty Hawk into its port. Americans should not buy from China. Americans who buy from China are throwing gasoline into the mouth of a dragon that is awaking from a long, deep sleep. China is fearless.

With money from Americans China is on the move. It is making its presence felt in Asia, Africa and South America. Americans are promoting Communism by trading with China. All China has ever needed to conquer the world is money. When Bill Clinton gave the "Most Favored Nation Status" to China it gave China what it has been waiting for money. Lots of money, billions of dollars.

Americans better prepare to watch China gain control of a good portion of the world. After China conquers Asia, Africa and South America it will turn its eye on the United States. By then the United States will have given most of its wealth to China.

America will be financially weak by then. Our soldiers will be tired from fighting a long battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is then that China will make a move to conquer America.

I often wonder what Bill Clinton got from China to give this status to China. Not even our long time friend and ally Great Britain has received this status. To date Americans have given China more than $223 Billion dollars. We should have given this money to our fellow Americans. America is made up of fools.

Make a note of what I say. If Americans don't stop trading with China Americans will be sorry.

This is my opinion and my opinion only and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else.

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