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Angel Tree to help needy area families

Staff writer

Emery County Commissioner Drew Sitterud is one of Santa's helpers as he reads the list, checks it twice and fills the wishes of a child in Emery County.

The organizers of the Angel Tree program were working hard over the past few weeks, making sure all of the children in Emery County have something for Christmas. Parents submitted applications for help at the food bank or the Department of Workforce Services office.

The applications were screened and sent to the United Way for entry into the data base. This data base ensures that each family is taken care of and no one gets left out or duplicated.

Following the screening, the children's information is put on the Angel Trees located in ALCO, Utah Power Credit Union, and the lobby at Boyd's Pharmacy. People can come into these places and select a child and read the requests by that child.

After the person does the shopping, the items are returned to the tree locations and organizers compile everything. Then, the items are sorted, and reorganized into family groups and the parents of the children are notified. They come in and pick up the donated items.

Angel Tree's organizers also sent letters soliciting donations from area businesses. Their goal is to see that each child has at least one toy and one outift. More than 160 children were helped this year in Emery County by the Angel Tree organizers alone. Other organizations such as Circle of Hope, operate in the same manner and help many, many children also.

Organizers said, "This is a big effort and we appreciate everyone who donated gifts, clothes, or money. Every donation helps the children of Emery County. All together we can make it happen."

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