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Emery Water conservancy update water forecast

Staff writer

During the public hearing held recently at the Emery Water Conservancy District, comments were heard concerning the 2007 budget amendments and questions were answered concerning the 2008 budget. Following discussion of both the issues, the public hearing was closed. In the regular meeting of the board, the budgets items were approved.

EWCD Director Jay Mark Humphrey stated the recent snow storms have helped the water year totals. "We are not in bad shape for December," said Humphrey. "The storms were spotty and inconsistent, but dropped a fair amount of snow in the mountains." The basin wide averages are near or above 100 percent of average.

Humphrey informed the board of circumstances surrounding the Cottonwood Canyon coal tract lease that is currently being advertised. He said EWCD has been working with the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration to protect Joe's Valley reservoir from coal mining too closely. SITLA has left a 1.8 mile buffer zone around the lake and the dam in which no mining activity can occur. The lease does not allow for any mining to take place inside the 1.8 mile zone.

"SITLA has done everything we asked concerning this lease," Humphrey said. "We should be at the public hearing to express our appreciation to them."

Members of the board of the EWCD are: Ross Hinkins, Morris Sorensen, Lee McElprang, Earl Fillmore, Craig Johansen and Roger Barton. Their next meeting is scheduled for March 26 at the district's office in Castle Dale at 7 p.m.

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