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Handcart Company

Two youth groups from the Salt Lake area recently converged on Emery County to try their hand at pushing and pulling a handcart up and down East Mountain.

One-hundred sixty-nine people from the Taylorsville/Kearns Stake as well as the Alpine 4th Ward made the trek in two separate parties.

It took the Alpine Ward three days to travel 16 miles. Lisa Caldwell from the Taylorsville group said, "We heard about doing this trek from some people in Salt Lake.

Montell Seely from Castle Dale had made arrangements for them. We broke the group into nine families which have a Ma and Pa youth leader, and a Grandpa and Grandma which are the adult leaders.

Each family has 12 kids." The youth and their leaders all dressed in pioneer attire to make their journey more realistic.

One of the girls from the Alpine Ward said, "The food was terrible on the trek, it's time to order up a pizza." Both groups ended their journey at the Desbee Dove mine site. The Taylorsville group had plans to view the Castle Valley Pageant while in the area and the Alpine group stopped at the famous Emery County lamb fry for dinner before returning to the city.

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