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Letter to the Editor: Condolences for families



To whom it may concern, we would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families that have been affected in the tragedy in Emery County at the Crandall Canyon coal mine. Both for the rescuers and those they were desperately trying to save.

The heroism that was displayed by all the rescue efforts and individuals participating in those attempts, show that people really do love and care about each other. It shows that the basic principles on which this country was founded do still in fact exist, that we do care about our neighbors, friends, co-workers...

We are 48 individuals that in our own small way are having a bump in our road on life's journey. Nothing compared to the struggles that you have just gone through or are going through at this time in your life.

We would like you to know that you and your family and friends are in our prayers. We have followed your story every single day, ever since the collapse at the mine. It has brought an enormous amount of empathy and compassion for all of you. We wish we could help as unselfishly as those who gave their lives tying to save your men.

We have an evening meeting with the serenity prayer. We would like you to know that we take a moment of silence for you and your families in the hopes that you will be comforted in your losses. We sincerely want to express our condolences. Please know that you are in our prayers.

We are convicts doing time for drug offenses. We are in a program called HOPE. Your tragedy has touched us deeply. It has shown us that our drug addictions can be beaten. Whereas, your losses cannot be replaced. Please accept our sympathies and condolences.

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