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Castle Dale City begins new year


Council members Kollette Cologie, Brad Giles and Joel Dorsch begin four more years of service.

Castle Dale City council met in their first meeting of the new year. The newly re-elected members of the council were sworn into office to begin four year terms. Kollette Cologie, Brad Giles and Joel Dorsch will serve Castle Dale as council members. Giles conducted the meeting in the absence of Mayor Neal Peacock.

Kerry Lake gave the planning and zoning report from a recent public hearing held by Castle Dale City. The hearing was on the Children's Justice Center that has been requested to be built in Castle Dale. The center is in a residential area and will be permitted conditional use. Lake has been working on the wording for the permit. The city only wishes to allow one such facility in the city and specify the facility will be under the direction of the state attorney general's office, Utah State Childrens Justice Center program. This will require a public hearing which will be at the next city council meeting on Feb. 14.

The planning and zoning had a public hearing and some valid concerns were addressed. Parking was one issue discussed. It was stated the center will have a double driveway and parking will be off the street. There will also be a fence around three sides of the property.

The property the Children's Justice Center will be placed upon is being donated by the Emery County School District and the Emery High construction class will build the center free of charge. The Children's Justice Center will pay for all building materials and costs.

Dorsch said bathrooms will be constructed at Cheddar Field. They hope to have them done in time for baseball season. The stalls at the Blue Sage Arena have been installed and all 30 of them are rented. The fertilizer from these rented stalls will be hauled to the cemetery to be used on lawn there in the spring.

Gaylee Jeffs reported the Castle Dale youth city council went door to door and delivered the Castle Dale City calendars to residents. There will be an appreciation dinner scheduled.

Jack Rogers reported the water totals were at 118 percent of normal so far this winter. He said the fire department is in need of volunteers and needs dedicated members to be trained.

Giles spoke about the uniform building code section R405. This code says the exterior of a foundation must have a drain. These drains cannot be drained into the sewer or drainage systems. Castle Dale usually doesn't have these types of drainage problems, but would like to look at a way to remedy the situation.

Castle Dale would like to have a public hearing to consider an ammendment to that code. This code is only for those houses that are deemed possibly at risk due to ground water seepage into basements. The ammendment to this code will be addressed at a public hearing on Feb. 14 at the next Castle Dale City meeting.

Work is also being done on figuring out how to get power to the new pump station at the cemetery and to the new bathrooms at Cheddar Field.

The next Castle Dale City Council Meeting will be on Feb. 14 at 7 p.m.

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