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Letter to the Editor: Abortion legal since Jan. 22, 1973

Castle Dale


One of the saddest and most repetitive lessons in history is the fact that once a city, people or nation legalize or generally accept the open slaughter of innocent children their days are numbered. Many so called great civilizations have within their ever expanding moral view found exceptional circumstances where the most innocent may be killed without penalty (or so they thought).

Experts who have studied child sacrifice have determined that most societies who kill their own children have a life expectancy of 50 years or less and then whether a mountain miles away blows up and covers them with fire and ash or a foreign enemy suddenly and unexpectedly crushes them etc., their child sacrifices stop.

It seems that once a society has lost its most fundamental love and respect for human life, they start making fatal mistakes which lead them to moral and then total ruin. In 1973 who would have imagined the America we live in today?

On Jan. 22 (the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision). We remember and know God remembers the 48,000,000 children killed by surgical abortions in the United States and the untold billions killed by pills etc. throughout the world.

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