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Lady Spartans survive at Juan Diego 41-33 lead region with 5-0 record

Sports writer

After breezing through the first half of region play, the Lady Spartans survive at Juan Diego to lead region 8 with a 5-0 record and three games to go.

Talking to the players and coaches at practice the next day, all pretty much conceded that Emery did not play great defense, did not shoot well, turned the ball over too much but that they still came home win a win.

Emery was 3 for 13 on 3-point shots, 14-26 on 2-point shots and 6 for 13 at the free throw line. Emery only pulled down 14 rebounds in the game, 9 on defense and 5 on offense. Emery turned the ball over 11 times, not on steals by Juan Diego but on traveling and throwing the ball out of bounds.

Coach Steven Gordon talking to his players the next day "encouraged them to focus on basketball since there is a short time left in this season. We have got to show up to play every game. We have one goal in reach, let's go get it."

Emery led after the first quarter 12-6 but was outscored in the second period 12-8 to lead by 2 at the half. Emery won the third quarter 13-8 and the final period 8-7 to get the 8-point victory. Emery had defeated Juan Diego earlier in the season by around 40 points.

Jodi Robertson led the team with 15 points and Michonne Robertson and Meagan Pearson each added 8 points. ShiAnne Allred and Abbie Kay each scored 4 points and Frankie Komar and Lacey Montgomery each scored 1 point.

As the season nears the end, Emery has the second biggest point differential between teams at 19.12 points per game. Wasatch tops the list. Region foe Carbon is fifth in 3-A basketball.

Jodi Robertson leads the team in scoring with a 13.50 scoring average. Meagan Pearson is the only other Spartan averaging double figures with an 11.69 average. Michonne averages 9.19 and Frankie averages 5.62.

Michonne is the leading rebounder for Emery averaging 4.93 rebounds per game. Frankie leads the team in assists with 2.40 assists per game. Michonne also leads the team in steals with 2.60 per game. Jodi averages 2.53 steals per game and Meagan averages 2.27 steals per game.

The team also said that "even though it was ugly, it was still a win." It doesn't matter how they come as long as they do come. The team seemed committed to finishing the season well.

Emery will host Delta on Tuesday night and then host Carbon on Thursday night as the Dinos seek revenge for an earlier loss.

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