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Republicans plan Lincoln Day Breakfast

The Emery County Republican Party originally scheduled a Lincoln Day Breakfast for Feb. 9 until they obtained from the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints a Castle Dale Stake calendar and learned of the World Wide Leadership Training scheduled for the same day. Realizing the potential impact of this church meeting on attendance at the breakfast.

Bill Dellos Chairman of the Emery County Republican party quickly called an executive meeting via the telephone to select a new Lincoln Day breakfast meeting date. They decided to hold the Lincoln Day Breakfast at 8 a.m. on Feb. 16, at the Museum of the San Rafael.When Bill Dellos, informed the State of Utah Republican Party about the change of dates, the Republican State Party leadership Stan Lockhart and Kitty Dunn said, "By changing the date to Feb. 16 you are creating a conflict with candidates running for office who want to attend your Emery County Lincoln Day Breakfast, Washington County Lincoln Day Breakfast and Davis County Lincoln Day Dinner. These candidates cannot possibly attend all three meetings on Feb 16."

The State of Utah Republican Party Leadership suggested a Lincoln Day Luncheon Feb. 16 instead or could some other day be scheduled.

After examining the options of other days and conflicts with other counties scheduled Lincoln Day events for February, the Emery County Republican Party Executive Committee decided to stay with the Feb. 16, Emery County Lincoln Day Breakfast at 8 a.m. in the Museum of the San Rafael.

Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert said he would try to be at the Emery County Republican Party Breakfast and would encourage Governor Huntsman to go to the Washington County Lincoln Day Breakfast. They would both possibly be able to attend the Lincoln Day Dinner in Davis County.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff (still on crutches) said he would try to be at the Emery County Lincoln Day Breakfast depending on his schedule.

This Feb. 16 meeting is in preparation for the March 25 Precinct Caucus meetings or neighborhood meetings to elect precinct chairmen, vice chairmen and delegates for the county also elect the delegates for the Republican State Party conventions. Any registered Republican can run for these offices by getting enough people to vote for them at precinct caucus meetings. Those that become Republican Party State delegates will vote for the candidates running for State and Federal offices. Any state or federal candidate that gets more than 61 percent of the vote will not have to compete in a primary election.

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