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More research for presidential election

Grove City, Ohio


As responsible voters, I hope enough Americans will do a little more research than was done when picking the current person to occupy the White House. Our country is in such bad shape now that it may actually be too late to reverse course. We must read books and newspapers, listen to radio and television, and avoid talk show hosts to get the truth.

Remember this: It doesn't matter whether the "surge" is working in Iraq. We are there because the occupant of the White House, at the urging of an invisible government of neo cons, took us into war on the basis of lies and distortions. As soon as that became clear, we had a responsibility as a moral and decent nation to stop killing people, fix the damage, and come home pronto. Not only are we there in violation of international law, fighting a religious war, but the members of our state National Guard units are serving illegally and should be recalled by our governors pronto. This is not a declared war and does not involve the safety of the United States, thus violation the mission and charter of the National Guard,

The war mongers who are running on promises of continued fighting in Iraq (both Democrat and Republican) are the same people who have joined the occupant of the White House in leaving our borders wide open to anyone with a grudge against us while simultaneously promising taxpayer supported services and citizenship to those who violate our sovereignty. Some of these people are seen as "heroes" by the talking heads of the national media and are funded by neo con agents of the military/industrial complex, big oil, international finance, the Washington lobbyists, and certain Middle East governments. We've involved ourselves in a no-win religious war going back thousands of years.

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