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Letter to the Editor: My fellow Americans

Salt Lake City


America is making many bad decisions concerning her welfare. One of the worst decisions she has made to date is the decision to trade with China. We can blame this decision on Bill Clinton and Congress. I don't know what motivated Bill Clinton and Congress to decide to trade with the communists but it will be a move that will prove to be disastrous.

America is heading toward a recession that I do not believe it will be able to pull out of until it stops trading with China and all foreign countries. Every thing that is purchased from a foreign country hurts our economy. The more we give our money to the communists the weaker it makes us and the more powerful it makes the communists.

I predict America's economy will continue for flounder until it plunges into the worst depression it has ever seen. The only way America will get out of this depression is to stop trading with China and all foreign countries. I ask that all Americans who care about taking care of each other to buy products built by each other or each of us will be out of work soon. This is my opinion and my opinion only and does not reflect the opinion of any one else.

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