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Chick's Rock 'n Roost


Charlie Oman and the mannequin who looks like a former customer of the bar, Mart Allred.

Even though Chick's suffered a set back last April when a fire destroyed a lot of the interior of the building, the business is up and going again.

Bar patrons will notice the bar has been completely redone and the walls, mirrors and carpeting; just about everything is brand new including the juke box.

Charlie Oman outside the newly refinished Chick's Rock'n Roost bar in Castle Dale.

The fire destroyed many of the antique signs that were a trademark of Chick's, but the new decor is very appealing and sets the tone for the relaxed atmosphere at Chick's. Chick's operated on Main Street in Castle Dale for several years before moving to its location on 370 West State Road 29.

The old barnwood facade is gone now, and rock replaced it for the clean new look.

You can try out your favorite tunes on the new juke box.

Charlie Oman still operates the bar with a lot of help from friends, relatives and employees.

Chick's recently hosted a New Year's party and a Super Bowl party.

Chick's has its own pool team which travels around to the other bars in the area for league play throughout the winter months.

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