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Letter to the Editor: Residential treatment center in Ferron

Carbon County


In regards to the situation brewing over the proposed youth care facility in Ferron, and the extreme reaction from the uninformed and misinformed people. The proposed facility is intended to house and help at risk youth, not felons, not murderers, or as some have compared "nuclear waste." These are children who need a little help and a safe place to stay. These children are the same children that are already in our neighborhoods, as foster children, in the many foster homes in our community.

The facility that Mrs. Williams is proposing would be a safe and monitored environment with 24-7 supervision. And studies have shown that the crime rate among foster children is lower than the standard population. In this fear driven world we live in now, some people are quick to jump the gun, and are convinced by letting a center like this come to the area that Ferron will become some sort of high crime rate area.

If people were to actually contact Mrs. Williams and actually look at her business plan, they would realize the real scope of the project. She doesn't have government grants to fund this, she has personal loans and personal equity involved in this project. Nothing is worse than an uninformed person spouting off random falsehoods and questioning the integrity of Mrs. Williams and her intentions. What is more noble than trying to help the children of our state?

And, if Ferron City feels that this is such a bad idea, then they should not have let it get this far. Mrs. Williams has put the financial future of her family at stake, and now because Ferron City changes its mind, they put her project on an indefinite hold. Ferron City you need to get on track and make sure your committees know how to do their job, not backtrack on decisions months later.

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