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Sitla Report to Public Lands

Bryan Torgerson of the Utah School and Institutional Trusts Lands Administration informed the Emery County Public Lands Council of the groups intent to auction a portion of land near Lawrence.

SITLA is currently working toward preparing this land for the public auction in May. SITLA has sent formal easement perfection letters to the county and other interested parties. They are asking everyone to evaluate the need to perfect any easements or road claims related to the sale of this property before the auction.

In another matter involving SITLA, the Green River rail served industrial development park, Torgerson notified the public lands council of the advertising of the property near Green River.

SITLA is currently in negotiations with Emery County to enter into a development lease so the property can be developed as the county deems appropriate.

Torgerson also announced the contract for the easement for the off highway vehicle trail, known as the Poker Ride trail, has been sent to the Emery County Commissioners. This easement will allow the SEUOHV Club to use the trail for the next 10 years. The easement will be paid for by SITLA OHV funding.

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