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Snow, is there enough?


Emery Water Conservancy reports on totals

Jonathon Fauver shovels snow off the Joe's Valley Marina after a recent storm. The marina is undergoing a major renovation and plans to reopen soon.

Jay Mark Humphrey from the Emery Water Conservancy gave a water update to the Emery Water Users and Division of Oil, Gas and Mining in their February meeting. Humphrey said there has been a lot of snow. White River is at 111 percent to 150 percent on the Muddy. Every reservoir is expected to fill and spill.

Scofield Reservoir will be undergoing repairs so it cannot be filled all the way. Water will be released early from Scofield to accommodate the water which will enter the reservoir during runoff. Millsite will probably also see an early release.

Electric Lake is expected to spill. An early release from Joe's Valley is also predicted. At the Skyline Mine this year there has been 20.1 feet of snow and 12 feet of that since Jan. 1. This snow contains 17.5 inches of water.

Humphrey reported they are still doing cloud seeding. The machines would only be turned off after the snow reached 140 percent. Humphrey was asked by Susan White who conducts the meetings, if he would report on how the cloud seeding works at the May meeting. He said he would do that.

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