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Improvements at Joe's Valley Marina

Guest Writer

Work continues on the new dining area for the Joe's Valley Marina.

Joe's Valley Marina is being rebuilt by Jonathon Fauver of Castle Dale and Michael Reed of Orangeville under the direction of owners Scott Labrum and Darin Hurdsman. The new owners of Joe's Valley Marina, are Scott Labrum of Castle Dale and Darin Hurdsman of Price. Both are also owners of Pro Rehab in Castle Dale and Price.

Scott and Darin have additionally taken over the management of the Trail Mountain Resort owned by Blaine Luke who is on a mission in Kenya, Africa. The previous owners of Joe's Valley Marina were Sharpe and Sertia Snow of Castle Dale.

After the Joe's Valley Marina is rebuilt Fauver will be the general manager of Joe's Valley Marina and Trail Mountain Resort.

On Feb. 15, Labrum, Hurdsman, Fauver, Michael Reed and Mike Hurdsman with a large crew of men were involved in putting up the trusses and covering the roof of the new dining room on the south side of the refurbished marina building.

The interior of the marina building has been completely gutted and rebuilt with new walls, floors and ceiling.

The several large windows on the south and east side of the new dining room will provide adequate viewing of this majestic lake and the spectacular surrounding mountains.

Labrum expects the Joe's Valley Marina to be open by Memorial Day. He also expects the adjacent boat ramp owned by the park service to be open by that time. There will be no fee for using the boat ramp during the day. However, boats left overnight will be charged a fee.

Through Extreme Adventure Rental, the Marina will have rentals of the following: jet skis, , fishing boats, and a pontoon boat.

The marina is on the west side of Joe's Valley Lake. On the east side of Joe's Valley Lake at the Trail Mountain Resort they will have lodging, space for family reunions and camping.

There will be no restaurant or dining facilities at the Trail Mountain Resort. The restaurant will be at Joe's Valley Marina with fine dining on Friday and Saturday evenings. There will be short order meals available most of the time during the week.

At the marina in addition to the kitchen and dining room a convenience store will be available filled with items sometimes forgotten when people go camping, such as food and beverages. The marina convenience store will have fishing and hunting equipment too.

Labrum said, "We invite people to come up and see how we have changed the Joe's Valley Marina. We have totally remodeled, we have built on. We hope to add a big deck on the southeast side in the future. This deck would have tables and chairs for additional seating.

"The north side or front of the Marina will have a covered porch held up by large log pillars and the exterior walls will be covered with stucco," stated Labrum.

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