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Letter to the Editor: on Utah's socialist senators and America's king



We must again thank our Utah Senators Hatch and Bennett for voting to support Senate Bill 2248 which expands the president's powers to spy on American citizens and provides legal protection to phone companies that cooperated in President Bush's warrantless eavesdropping program. Once again the sterling Senators of Utah show their true colors in advancing the oncoming socialist agenda of the Washington insiders who are doing everything in their power to destroy the freedoms and liberties of Americans. The same ones who say this is to protect us against terrorism yet refuse to protect our borders. Am I missing something?

Like President Bush, who has set himself up as a king to the American people through dictatorial unconstitutional executive orders, so is Utah's Governor Huntsman seeking to make himself king in Utah through the use of executive agreements between the states as he did with the liberal Republican Governor of California, Schwarzenegger. Governor Huntsman wants the people of Utah to turn their heads while he makes deals with neighboring states without the consent of the Utah's Legislature. The only deals that the Governor should be making are efforts to return Utah's federally unconstitutionally confiscated lands, back to the state and her citizens. Currently the Feds own close to 70-80 percent of some western states, including Utah. Huntsman should be working to remove the Feds from Utah by exercising states rights and to run the Feds out of Utah on a rail-that is what Governor Huntsman should be doing. We need a governor with a backbone, not a throne.

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