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Sand baggers needed to prepare for any spring flooding

Sgt. Dusty Butler along with Deputy Kurt Price fill sand bags.

Possibility of Spring flooding

At a recent meeting of the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the possibility of Spring flooding was discussed. Sheriff LaMar Guymon stated the sheriff's office has purchased 10,000 sand bags, along with a bag stitcher in the event of flooding in the county. He stated the road department will bring in sand to fill the bags.

It was stated in the event of a fast warm-up the run off will happen quickly and the streams and ditches may be overwhelmed. If this happens, many locations may experience some type of flooding. The sheriff's office is preparing for any occurrence.

"We will need volunteers to help fill the bags. The bags will be stored here and if anyone needs them, they will be available with just a phone call. This could possibly be a good service project for a Scout group or other group," said Sheriff Guymon.

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