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Cleveland Principal Ed Clark shaves mustache for a worthy cause

Lori Huntington shaves the mustache off Principal Ed Clark at Cleveland Elementary. Inset photos show the new Ed Clark, without the mustache and Mrs. Clark joins Mr. Clark for a look at the clean shaven face.

Ed Clark, principal at the Cleveland Elementary told his school if they could raise $500 for a service project that he would shave off his mustache of 25 years.

The second grade class of Jodi Sitterud then went to work. They made posters telling what Mr. Clark would do and invited the whole school to participate in raising the money.

The service project chosen by the second grade class was to make blankets and gather stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons to donate to the children's justice center and women's shelter.

Cathy Anderson from the domestic violence coalition was on hand at the assembly to accept the gifts from the school and the second graders.

She told the school that sometimes situations arise where the children need some comfort items and she thanked the classes for their help. The second graders involved helped load the treasures in Anderson's car for transporting to the shelter.

Lori Huntington, peer helper director, had the opportunity to cut off the mustache. She shaved half off first and then the other half while the studentbody of Cleveland Elementary cheered their principal.

He said he would wait maybe a week and then he would start to grow it back as his face feels a bit bare and susceptible to the cold weather.

Altogether the students raised $520 for the project.

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