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Emery County players help lead Helper team to Vegas tourney

Kent Stilson, Landon Watson, Chandler Pearson, Travis Barnett and Jeff Fielder are Emery County players who were part of Helper's American Legion baseball team.

Kent Stilson, Landon Watson, Chandler Pearson, Travis Barnett, and Jeff Fielder, Emery High players who, with athletes from Carbon and East Carbon High, completed a very successful season as members of Helper's American Legion baseball team.

The team completed state tournament play this last week finishing second to Taylorsville with wins over Layton, Dixie Tooele, and Brigham City and losses to Cyprus and Taylorsville. Because of ineligible players on Taylorsville's team, Helper traveled to Las Vegas on Aug. 16 to represent Utah at the Western Regional tournament. All of these players contributed to the teams success both during the tournament as well as the regular season.

Kent Stilson and Jeff Fielder were also chosen as all-stars during regular league play.

In the opening game of the American Legion Baseball Regional, played at the Community College of Southern Nevada on Thursday in Las Vegas, Helper lost to Cimmaron Memorial 7-4.

Kent Stilson gave the team the go ahead run in the first inning with a double that scored Zac Cloward, but Cimmaron came back and took the lead and then the win.

In their final game of the tournament, Helper out-hit Woodland Hills but could not overome the errors and lost the game 8-1.

Jeff Fielder hit a double, one of Helper's nine hits, and scored the only run.

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