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Emery Town holds public hearing

Staff writer

Emery Council person Corinne Dalton held an informational public meeting prior to the regular town council meeting. "I want to explain the conditional use policy which is being presented to the town council," said Dalton. The proposed conditional use policy lists each zone in the town and what items are permitted and what is not permitted.

There are four zones in Emery, residential, rural residential, light industrial, and commercial. The commercial zone is along the entire length of Main Street through town, the residential zone is off Main Street to near the edges of the town, the light industrial zone is on the outskirts and the rural residential zone is the areas around the town where citizens live on farm lands.

Dalton explained the types of buildings this proposed policy will allow. A single family residence of typical construction will be allowed in the residential zone without a conditional use permit, unlike an apartment building or a church which will need a conditional use permit. Some types of businesses may be allowed in a residential zone.

"I think this new policy will save many problems in the future," said Dalton. She also stated if anything arises in the future which falls outside of the guidelines, amendments may be made.

Following some discussion and clarification of the proposed policy, the Emery Town council accepted the policy. A copy of the map noting the zones in Emery and the conditional use policy may be seen at the town hall during business hours.

In other business conducted by the Emery Town Council, it was approved to repeal three previous resolutions concerning utility fees in the town, and replace those with a new resolution which combines and defines the fees charged by the town for utility hookups. This new resolution sets standard fees for those hookups.

Mayor Mistie Christiansen announced some progress on the Muddy Creek desiltification project. Help is coming from Senator Bob Bennett's office, and grant money from the Army Corps of Engineers. The grant will be a 75 percent grant for the project which is estimated at $1.8 million. Mayor Christiansen informed the council the remaining 25 percent will come from the canal company and others.

Emery fire chief Nash Roberts announced the burn window. It will be from April 12-May 11, and residents wishing to burn must first get a burn permit from the town hall.

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