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Buckhorn Archers

Kacey Farnsworth shoots during the weekly competition for the Buckhorn Archers.

Men's division: first place, Kelly Farnsworth, 2965; second place, Carl Sitterud, 2952; third place, Brook Smith, 2948; and most improved, Kevin Wareham.

Women's division: first place, Lori O'Neil, 2866; second place, Angela Paskett, 2815; third place, Michelle Jensen, 2663; and most improved, Paige Farnsworth.

Youth division: first place, Bryan Larson, 2756; second place, Remington Grace, 2684; third place, Jaydon Mead, 2551; and most improved Brett Sorensen.

3-D shoot champs: men's, Kelly Farnsworth, 108; women's, Angela Paskett, 101; and youth, Remington Grace, 102.

The Buckhorn Archers will host a 3-D shoot at Bear Creek Campground on April 26. Sign-ups will begin at 10 a.m. Everyone who attends and shoots will be entered into a drawing to win a new compound bow. Life-sized animal targets will be set up around the campground at varying distances for the competition.

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