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Seniors prepare to walk to Hawaii


The Emery County RSVP, Retired Senior Volunteer Program is preparing to walk to Hawaii and they enlisted the help of the Emery County Commissioners. Celeste Lute explained the program to the commissioners. She said seniors are more likely to exercise if they do so in a group. The seniors in the county will walk the 6,000 miles to Hawaii and back. Figuratively, not literally they will begin their quest. They want help purchasing pedometers to monitor their walking. "If you are already exercising, then that's good. We encourage you to do more and keep moving," said Lute. When the seniors reach the half way mark they will have a party. They want to encourage seniors to come out and make new friends. They will be having a kick-off party to get started and at the end they will have a Hawaiian luau to celebrate reaching Hawaii, on paper anyway.

Betty Hatch of RSVP is the supervisor for the program.

Lute said, "We appreciate what this county does for the seniors. We already have 107 people signed up."

Celeste Lute and Betty Hatch explain the Walk to Hawaii program to the commission.

Marvin Gardner, retired senior said he would foot the bill for the luau at the end of the walking. Sylvia Nelson said they are working on getting a free trip to Hawaii as a prize at the luau.

Commissioner Gary Kofford said it is a worthy project and voted a $250 donation from the commission which was approved by Commissioners Drew Sitterud and Jeff Horrocks.

Pro Rehab also donated $250 to get the "Walk to Hawaii" program off the ground. The kick-off party will take place as soon as the pedometers arrive.

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