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Zoning ordinance reduces mountain acreage for building


Danny and Marie Johnson list their objections to the change in acreage for building in the mountains from 80 acres to 40 acres.

A public hearing was held to hear any comments on the Zoning Ordinance 9-5-4 for area requirements on mountain property. The current ordinance states that no dwelling shall be constructed on a lot smaller than 80 acres unless the lot is part of an approved mountain subdivision.

Danny and Marie Johnson spoke against the change from 80 acres to 40 acres. They felt like the rules need to be consistent with the rules they had to abide by 25 years ago. The rules on the forest were made to protect the watersheds and they think these rules should remain in place. Johnson said the county shouldn't give into the pressures from realtors.

Johnson said he has been taxed on his cabin as a recreational summer use and not as a farmstead. He strongly recommended the acreage remain at 80 acres or increase it back to 320 that he was required to have.

The commissioners heard the public comments and then discussed the ordinances. Commissioner Jeff Horrocks said the county doesn't have the enforcement on watershed issues. Before any building can be done in the mountain zone, the property owner must have approvals by the division of water rights and the department of health on their water supply. The county doesn't regulate the water. The person wanting to build needs all those certifications.

Darrel Leamaster, director of the Castle Valley Special Service District said all watersheds have water source protection plans. Copies of these water source protection plans are available at the CVSSD office.

Commissioner Horrocks made a motion to accept the change in the ordinance from 80 acres to 40 acres of land in the mountain zone. He said the protections are in place for the water shed. The commissioners voted and Horrocks and Kofford voted in favor with Commissioner Drew Sitterud voting in opposition to the change.

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