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Letter to the Editor: Response to Congressman Hinchey

Emery County Resident


Congressman Hinchey's (NY) "rebuttal to wilderness" should serve as stark reminder of the arrogance of Eastern politicians beholden to special interests.

Hinchey correctly states that his Red Rock Wilderness bill deals with public land that belongs to all Americans. But he conveniently leaves out the rather important point that this bill hasn't been supported by any of Utah's politicians. That is precisely because the economic and cultural impacts to Utah's rural communities will be profound.

Also profound will be the impact on the ability to view and enjoy these lands. In the name of "protection" almost 50 percent of all BLM lands in the state will be off limits to motorized and mountain bike recreation. Now, I'm not 100 percent against wilderness, but to lock up 50 percent of our scenic public lands is just too much.

After watching Hinchey's Wilderness bill increase in size every year, I'm convinced it is nothing more than a political land grab that wins him votes within his district and keeps money flowing to his campaign from environmental groups. Perhaps the next time Congressman Hinchey entertains us with his words of wisdom he will also disclose just exactly how much money these environmental groups contribute to him.

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