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Emery County Eagle Scout banquet

Blake Jensen receives congratulations from Danna Gray.

The Buckhorn District Scouts culminated a successful year with the introduction of 15 new Eagle Scouts. These young men were honored at a banquet held at the Museum of the San Rafael on March 29.

To open the program, Casey Poppinga, a national football league player and participant in Superbowl XXXIX gave the Scouts a few words of wisdom. Having retired from the NFL, he is now a real estate consultant in Lehi.

"I was raised in Evanston, Wyo. which is not a large town. So I relate well to small, rural communities. Regardless of where you come from, you are the one in charge of your future," said Poppinga. "You guys have a big future in front of you."

He told the young men that being a scout is a lot like being in the military. A person learns discipline and there is a sense of belonging to a brotherhood. A person must also live by a code of honor to commitment and courage. Poppinga told the Scouts as they mature, the Scout oath will come to life and take on an increased meaning for them.

Another aspect of the importance of Scouting is the lessons learned. Poppinga told of how the lessons learned in Scouting have a direct correlation to other parts of a man's life. "I am grateful to have learned those lessons through Scouting," he said. "My mom was my inspiration. She knew the value of raising young men in Scouting."

Anthony Jorgensen

Poppinga spoke on the three main aspects of Scouting, trustworthiness, loyalty and bravery. "No matter what happens in your life, press on, be courageous and do your best. What you have learned will have a profound affect on your future. Make a commitment to be trustworthy, loyal and brave. Do what is right regardless of the circumstances. Don't accept being mediocre. You control who you will become. Be brave enough to overcome the challenges," he concluded. "Scouting teaches you the skills you need to overcome anything. The decisions and choices you make now will shape your future. As you enter into this brotherhood of Eagle Scouts, keep in mind the many famous people who are in there with you."

Dennis Dooley, past Exalted Ruler of Price Elks Lodge 1550 told the Scouts "the Elks always give Eagle Scouts a flag to preserve as a memento of this occasion. The Elks believe Scouts are the epitome of God's commandment to do good work."

The new Eagle Scouts were introduced. They are: Seth Baantjer, Morgan Clark, Cole Guymon, Tice Guymon, Shawn Ison, Blake Jensen, Tanner Procarione, Kaden Worwood, Davin Bennett, Spencer Fehlberg, Mark Guymon, Hadan Hatch, Dempsey Jeffs, Anthony Jorgensen and Zachary Walls.

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