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Reader input needed

Sun Advocate/Emery County Progress

I started writing these Tech Tips articles back in December of 2004. I've written on many topics, from digital cameras to computer spyware.Whether or not these articles are of any value to readers is anyone's guess. But, hoping they do something good, I continue to write them.

My goal has been to make technical topics less complicated for average readers. Part of what makes a technical column valuable is if it provides useful and insightful information.

If the column provides information that the reader cannot digest or interpret, the information is worthless.

Likewise, if the information isn't relevant or pertinent to the reader, the information is useless.

With that in mind, I want to improve the quality of this column, to increase its usefulness. In other words, I would like your comments and suggestions.

What types of technologies would you like to know more about? What could I do to improve these columns?

Now, I can't give exact "how-to" instructions on specific equipment, as setups and configurations vary between manufacturers (Canon cameras versus Nikon cameras, Linksys routers versus Netgear routers, and so forth).

I also can't delve into topics that can't be explained to some extent in a small column. Some topics are simply too complicated to explain in a single column (things like, "how do I design web pages?" or "how to I set up a computer network for my office?"

But I can explain many concepts, expound on various principles and hopefully, help you learn something you didn't already know.

If you would like to send me comments, you may call me at 435-637-0732 (extension 31), or email me at

Have comments about this article or suggestions for a future Tech Tips article? Send an e-mail to

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