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Water forecast update

Staff writer

At the recent Emery Water Conservancy District board meeting, Jay Mark Humphrey announced the 2008 project water allocation. "The snow pack in the entire area is well over 100 percent. There is plenty of water for the summer as of now. Our forecast is for a great run-off," said Humphrey.

Joe's Valley is raising every day. There is a need to release some stored water to avoid the level reaching the spillway. The forecast is for Joe's Valley to spill sometime in June. The board approved to set the water allocation at 100 percent and release water prior to reaching the spillway.

Kyle Singleton and Cody Allred addressed the board concerning the contract with Rocky Mountain Power. They discussed leased back water and carryover storage of water. It was decided to work on rewording and changing some items in the contract for the next contract period.

Humphrey introduced a contract with the State of Utah for cloud seeding. The board approved to sign the contract which says the State will pay 50 percent of the cost associated with the cloud seeding program for EWCD.

It was also announced that the Emery County Commissioners approved to reappoint Lee McElprang, Ross Hinkins and Tracy Behling to the EWCD board. Following this announcement, the board approved to reappoint McElprang to be chairman of the board. Morris Sorensen was reappointed to the vice-chairman seat and Humphrey was installed as manger of EWCD.

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