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Orangeville receives funding for flood prevention

Orangeville City receives funds to improve storm drainage and protect homes from flooding

The Utah Permanent Community Impact Board Thursday awarded the city of Orangeville a $140,000 grant for a flood-control project to protect homes from spring runoff.

The money will be used to clear the Adobe Wash drainage beneath Mill Dam Road of debris, trees and silt, which block the flow of groundwater to Cottonwood Creek and pose a flooding hazard.

The project entails widening channel by 20 feet, upstream and downstream from the bridge.

To guard against the need for future dredging, the city will also spray to prevent overgrowth of vegetation.

"In the past, homeowners southeast of the wash have built earthen berms around their properties, to reduce the risk of flooding. But homeowners this year have already experienced flooding problems due to the above-average snowfall," said Emery County Commissioner Drew Sitterud. "Without this CIB funding, the city could also lose the bridge, and suffer damage to water and sewer lines along Mill Dam Road. It's a public safety issue."

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