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Letter to the Editor: Who's running our county?



You would think elected officials would run our county, but I found out that some appointed boards feel they are better qualified to manage our county than our elected officials. Our county commissioners and planning and zoning board spent three years working on an ordinance to lower the land requirement to two acres instead of 10 acres. The Special Service District board downed all that work with a letter to all the cities not allowing any outside hook-ups, not even the old 10 acre requirement.

It's this closed minded attitude that keeps our county from developing. With this attitude, we would not allow a power plant or any development that needed water. So much for a chance to grow and make jobs for our children.

I feel the Special Service District is over-stepping their bounds and should let the cities make the decisions on the water the cities own. I feel that it is best to develop the cities but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. Let's let the cities, not an appointed board, make that decision. We need to be open to good managed growth, not the closed minded, protect our kingdom type of thinking.

I'm not pointing this to any individual, but to a system that needs to be fixed to conform to the needs of the people. We need to be thinking of ways to make jobs for our most precious commodity we have, our children, not exporting them somewhere else to get jobs and live.

I love our area and the people. We have the best there is anywhere. Let's make it so our children can have a chance to live in the best place there is.

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