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Buckhorn Archers Spring 3D Shoot

Bow enthusiasts from throughout the area gather at Bear Creek

The Buckhorn Archers club had 51 people shoot the 3-D course set up at Bear Creek campground on Saturday. Along with the archers, 45 people came out to watch the competition. In the women's competition, Angela Paskett won with 130 points and KC Jones came in second with 125 points. Pat Hanson won the men's competition with 213 points with Zach Benson and Kurt Price tied for second with 167 points.

Following the shoot, a Bear Done Deal bow was given away and it was won by Remington Grace. A javelina 3-D target was also given away and Darin Gardner was the lucky shooter to take it home. Grace also won the competition with the 3-D target with an 83 yard shot hitting 5/8 of an inch from dead center.

Kelly Farnsworth won the competition on the steel course. He was one of only two people to complete the course without breaking an arrow on the targets.

Archers of all ages warm up their skills for the shoot.

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