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Dancing through time

Group 8 performs Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party.

LaRae's Dance Studio presented its Spring Show recently at the Emery High School Auditorium. To begin the program, Angela Fox and Mallorie Mason gave out the awards for the year. For perfect attendance, Kadrianne Bird, Alexa Cook, JaeCee Ewell, Jessica Fox, Cambrie Jensen and Annika Riggle took the awards for attendance this year. For the second year in a row, Jalynn Fox won that award.

The Miss Starlet Dancer Award went to Jessica Fox. This award is given to the dancer who has earned the most points for the year. Starlet Dancers also named were JaeCee Ewell, Alexa Cook. Jaylynn Cowley, MayCee Ewell, Kadrianne Bird and Jordyn Fillmore.

Chaselee Ewell, MayCee Ewell and Trintzdee Ewell won the awards for practice charts.

In the studio, there are eight groups of dancers, separated by age. These groups performed 19 dances with the finale as a combination of all the award winners dancing together.

Angela Fox performs.

Group 1-Libby Allen, Breelynn Anderson, Jordyn Fillmore, Jalynn Fox, Cambrie Jensen, Meliah Jensen, Katie McCandless, Racheal Stevenson, Tayvi Rae Stilson, Jesse Terwilleger and Dani Jo Thatcher.

Group 2-Kadrianne Bird, Lizzie Gordon, Kaylee Ibanez, Abbie McElprang and Ambree Petersen.

Group 3-Alyssa Cowley, Trintzdee Ewell, Kira Elliott, Jessica Fox, Makyela Gressman, Emily Kerksiek, Jessie McElprang, Annika Riggle, Raegan Sitterud and Gracie Winn.

Group 4-Jaylynn Cowley, MayCee Ewell, Jaylee Hillard and Dariyan Nelson.

Group 5-Alexa Cook. Chaselee Ewell and Taycee Tucker.

Group 6-Jentrie Allred, JaeCee Ewell, Kelsey Gordon, Kelsie McElprang and Tyler Tucker.

Group 7-Emmalee Allen, Emma Fillmore and Graycee Mills.

Group 8-Alivia Christman, Jalynn Fox, Destiny Horrocks, Madilyn Simmons, Tayvi Rae Stilson and Kambree Ware.

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