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Letter to the Editor: To the people of Carbon and Emery County

Government Relations/Pathway Associates Board member Utah Cultural Alliance, Utah Museums Associ


I wanted to take the time and say I greatly appreciate both Representative Brad King and Senator Mike Dmitrich for all their hard work during this past year and all their service in the Utah State Legislature.

As a former Carbon County resident and government relations advocate for 18 years I have watched them strive for the better good and provide programs for their constituents.

They have been instrumental in providing leadership and funding to bring programs to their district that otherwise would not have been able to travel to your counties and the far-flung reaches of the state.

Both of these gentlemen have been very open and frank in our discussions and helpful in every way possible.

I am sad to learn that Mike will not be running for re-election and wish him a very happy retirement. The fact that he will no longer be in the Senate is a huge loss for the legislature.

With that being said, I am thrilled to see that Brad is running for Mike's seat.

Again I appreciate Mike and Brad for all your help, advice and service on behalf of the citizens of Carbon and Emery County.

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