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A Quilt Depicting the Emery County Heritage

Staff writer

Gale Miles displays the quilt she recently completed with local rock art as the theme.

As Gale Miles of Orangeville and her husband Mervin, have traveled around Emery County, they have taken many interesting photos of the sights in the area. Recently, the couple were going through some photos, doing some organization of their collection, when they noticed a big number of the rock art photos.

Gale felt like the photos should be displayed and a discussion of the proper method of display took place. "There has got to be something we can do with these besides putting them in a book," she said. She told Mervin she had a good idea to make a quilt from the photos. Gale began to mull over the idea of a quilt. Mervin's mother and sisters had made quilts and taught her how. She figured it would be a great and unique way to display the wonderful rock art from around the county.

"Most of the sites we have photographed are in the San Rafael Swell," said Gale. "A couple are in the Three Fingers area and some are in the Price Canyon area." Gale then began to scan her favorites into the computer. She then printed them out with iron-on paper.

Gale spent numerous hours arranging and rearranging the layout. She then went on a search for just the right fabrics of the right color and prints. She knew she was looking for something reminiscent of the colors of the Swell.

After the fabric was acquired, she went to work piecing the quilt top together. She then assembled the quilt on the frames and tied it. "I had a lot of fun with this one," Gale said. "It was my first attempt with the computer also."

When asked about future projects, Gale responded she has quite a few photos of old homesteads from around this area. "That would be a fun one," she stated.

Her plans for the rock art quilt are not solid yet. She said a gentleman from Salt Lake has offered to purchase it, but she is not ready to make that decision yet. She wants to enjoy it in her own home first.

For those in Emery County, she is considering displaying it at the Emery County Fair this year.

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