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Letter to the Editor: Are you unhappy with the price of gasoline? Serves you right

St. George


In the 1980s when oil refiners announced they intended to enlarge their refineries to carry the anticipated increase of gasoline and diesel for the coming future, the Washington D.C. Congress was swamped with letters and appeals opposing said plan from the extreme radical environmental groups. Did you write your Congressmen advising them to support the plan to enlarge refineries? No? Serves you right.

When oil producing companies announced they had discovered a large deposit of oil in the Alaskan Peninsula and ANWAR, immediately the extreme radical organizations jumped and started their oppositions letters and their frivolous appeals. Did you write or call your Washington D.C. delegation voicing your opinion? No? Serves you right.

When oil was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, the same radical element started to oppose and began filing their frivolous appeals, preventing American oil companies from drilling and developing the field. Did you write your Congressmen giving them your opinion on these issues? No? Serves you right.

Did you know that China is drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico along with Nigeria, who is in the process of signing a 100 year lease? Serves you right.

Until you start writing letters or calling your Washington D.C. representatives voicing your opposition of actions various extreme, fanatical, radical environmental groups have taken, and you become personally involved, you have no right to complain. Serves you right. Seek ye first the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

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