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The house that Emery built


The construction class celebrates the completion of the home with a BBQ and an open house.

This year's construction class recently completed its house and hosted an open house at the new home. The instructor for the construction program at Emery High is Jim Keele. Each year the high school completes a new home to be sold.

The money from the sale is used for the next year's materials to build another house.

The students learn how to pour cement, dry wall, frame, roof, do electrical and other items related to the building of a new house. The students work on the house during the school day for a block two class periods.

The cabinets for the home are also built in the cabinet building class.

The program gives students a chance to see if they would like to pursue a career in building.

Many of the students from the program have gone on to become carpenters and some have had summer jobs in carpentery as they attend college.

This year's building students included: Elan Cunningham, Adam Frisbie, Cory Jones, Michael Justice, Alonzo Kingsford, Scott Larsen, Ian MacDonald, Jennie Miller, Rachel Mueller, Rebecca Nielson, Tascha Petty, Landel Potter, Nicky Sanchez, Joshua Shurtz, Scott Whiting, Hayden Barney, Ted Bennett, Morgan Clark, Derek Davis, Jeffrey Gordon, Blake Jensen, Keven Jensen, Wacey Jewkes, Cory Jones, Jennifer Jorgensen, Courtney Justice, Burl Kinoshita, Bryan Larsen, Tanner Luke, Jefferson Manning, Dakota McArthur, Jordan Phelps, Alex Stoddard and Drohc Van Wagoner.

This is one of the first years that female students were also involved with the building of the new house.

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