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Humphrey Brothers lamb fry at Orangeville Days time honored tradition

Orangeville residents and other guests wait to receive their food.

One of the highlights of Orangeville Days is the Humphrey Brothers Lamb Fry. Many hands help throughout the day in order to provide wonderful lamb chops, lamb hamburger and countless scones for Orangeville residents and their guests to enjoy.

The very first lamb fry was held in 1962 for the ground breaking of the Joes Valley dam. Wilford Humphrey was put in charge of the celebration and he called on his son Mark and his wife Mareen to provide the food for the celebration. Mark, along with his family and brother Lee would travel around the county serving lamb. When his brother Tom moved back to town he began helping them and still attends to this day. At one time they were serving lamb at 22 lamb fry's during the summer. Mark would raise the lambs beginning in the fall so that they could butcher them in June for the lamb fry.

Dwayne Story, Mark Humphrey's son in law and Lewis Stilson, Mark Humphrey's nephew, have now taken over the skill of cooking the lamb.

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