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777 Ranch hosts cowboy poetry and singing

Singer, songwriter and cowboy poet Jeff Gore all the way from Texas to perform at the 777 ranch in Ferron.
Ron Ehman cowboy poet came from Tooele to perform.

The 777 Ranch in Ferron hosted its annual night of singing and cowboy poetry on Saturday. People came from far and wide to hear the songs and poetry of Jeff Gore and the cowboy poetry of Ron Ehman. Gore traveled from Colton, Texas and Ehman is from Tooele, by way of Elko, Nev. Jade Jensen gave the children and the event goers a ride in the wagon from the parking area to the arena.

The Judd family served steak, baked potatoes, salad and desserts to the cowboy poetry listeners. The annual event is held in the large arena at the ranch.

Gore said there's been a lot of strong winds this year and one year he wrote a song called, "Never cuss the wind and the rain." Now he's been regreting writing that song because there's sure been a lot of wind this year and he's sure tired of it.

Gore wrote a song for his wife entitled, "Your cowboy loves you," and he performed it for the audience. He said when he writes songs he has to hurry and write them down before he forgets them. The songs come to him anywhere and one time he wrote one while driving and had to keep repeating it until he arrived somewhere he could write it down.

Gore is also a poet as well as a songwriter and performer. He recited the popular poem, "When they finish shipping cattle in the fall."

Ehman the poet recited a poem about coyotes. He said if coyotes were people they would all be in jail. He told the story of the Mormon crickets and how the seagulls came to the rescue of the pioneers.

Some of the ranch hands on the farm have come from all across the United States to spend either one month or three months working on the ranch. They help in the fields and move pipe. Matt Underwood from Charlotte, N.C., Tyler Hoffman from Layton, Jasper Richmond from Iowa, and Dylon Cheny from Layton are all spending some time on the ranch. But, it's not all work they said. They get to do some recreational activities like camping and horseback riding and riding ATVs. They said anyone can come and work on the ranch. Working on the ranch is a character building experience where they learn respect for others and themselves.

Destry Medford from South Carolina is also enjoying his summer on the ranch. He helps with irrigation and feeding and watering the horses. He also helps in the alfalfa fields.

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