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Dr. Sanders 30 years helping through chiropractic

Kristine Jensen, Pat Sanders and Dr. Ron Sanders in the office located on Main Street in Castle Dale.

Dr. Ronald B. Sanders, owner and director of the Castle Chiropractic Center recently achieved a "hallmark" in practice. On June 21, Dr. Sanders has been in practice in Castle Dale for 30 years.

When asked why he chose to become a chiropractor he explained, "My father was helped with severe back problems that were due to an injury sustained when he jumped off the side of a flattop battle cruiser during World War II. He tried all kinds of doctors and could never get relief until he went to his first visit with a chiropractor. My dad would receive maintenance care when he worked different hard jobs where heavy lifting was required. One day when I was about 12 years old I woke up with a neck spasm that was so painful that I could not straighten my head. My head was cocked to one side. My parents took me down to their chiropractor. He put me under a heat lamp and then adjusted my neck. It made all the difference and I walked out of his office without any pain and my head was on straight. I started really taking an interest in chiropractic from that time forward and decided that was going to be my life's work," said Dr. Sanders.

When asking Dr. Sanders what made him decide to come to Emery County to start his practice he replied, "It was fate that brought us to Emery County. I was living in Spanish Fork and was practicing in Orem when I first started practice. I wanted to move to a smaller community where I could raise a family with a small town environment. I asked my father-in-law, who was the postmaster of Spanish Fork at the time, where I should move my family. He emphatically said, move to Emery County. I said where is Emery County? He told me that I should move to Castle Dale because it was the county seat and was centrally located. He told me that his assistant postmaster's son had recently started a practice in Ferron as a dentist and was doing very well. We checked out Castle Dale and decided to move ther. Everything that we needed fell into place and we have loved it here ever since."

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