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Letter to the Editor: Our dependence on foreign oil



We depend upon foreign oil by choice. For decades our energy policy under the Dems or the Repubs has been the same: first bleed the other countries dry then tap our own resources.

We have even defended this strategy with the lives of our soldiers. All the posturing, the finger-pointing, and the pep talks are a lot of political nonsense. Of course we have enough reserves and much more in untapped reservoirs.

But if we deplete it 'now' we will have to depend on 'others' later- not by choice then, but really depend on them. Or should we continue to hoard our own and let the world depend on us some day?

I do not believe that one drop of foreign oil is worth the life of one American soldier- but those in power feel otherwise. What about you? Is it time to start using our own reserves? Or should we continue to use up our neighbor's first?

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