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MBA discusses children's justice center

Staff writer

At the recent meeting of the Emery County Municipal Building Authority, Tracie Talbot from the State Attorney General's office was on hand to answer any questions concerning the Children's Justice Center proposed for Castle Dale. The announcement was made that the Emery County School District is prepared to deed over the property which they are donating for the construction of the center, to the county.

Shelley Wright from the Children's Justice Center gave Commissioner Gary Kofford, Commissioner Jeff Horrocks and MBA member Randy Jensen a copy of the proposed budget for the center in Castle Dale. Contained in this budget was a breakdown of their revenue from the state organizations and donations.

Talbot stated she feels it is safe to say the state funding to the center is secure and will remain at the same level which is between $28-30,000 per year. "It is also my feeling this is a more than adequate amount for the center," she said. She added the funding has been very stable in the past and anticipates it to remain the same.

Wright informed the MBA about the reason for wanting a center in Emery County. She said it causes many hardships to those who need their services to travel to Carbon County now. With the opening of the center in Emery County, it will alleviate many problems, and there are no plans to ever close the Emery County center in the future.

Commissioner Kofford informed the MBA about some structural modifications being implemented into the center. Several changes are being done to the structure for single dwelling code compliance which will make the structure permissible to sell as a home in the event of a default in the future.

Commissioner Horrocks moved to commit to the project of the Children's Justice Center to be constructed in Castle Dale. Jim Keele's construction class at Emery High School will construct the building and it is hoped they will begin when school begins in August. The county will now enter negotiations with the CJC for a contract for repayment of the note.

In other business conducted by the MBA, the bid was awarded for the remodeling project at the Huntington Airport. The bid for the two buildings was awarded to Patriot Steel Buildings in Colorado. It was agreed that Johansen and Tuttle will engineer the plans for the installation of the floor and utilities. Water lines and asphalt work will come out on separate bids at a later date. The MBA is hoping to have this project completed by October.

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