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Letter to the Editor: Drill for American oil now

By Ed Nemechek
Landers Calif.


Drill for American oil now, as Chuck Norris (of 'Walker, Texas Ranger' fame) is demanding, and leave the oil companies alone, is the answer to our oil and gas crisis and we can do it only if we get the government off the backs of the big, and especially the small, oil companies and let them drill where they want.

Private enterprise in the oil industry is the answer and it always has been. Government restrictions stopping oil drilling and production have caused the present gas crisis, not the oil companies. We have hundreds of years supply of American oil and gas in our country and we should develop it now. Our oil companies are not allowed to drill off our coasts but Communist China and Cuba reportedly are allowed to drill off our shores in the Gulf of Mexico and we shouldn't allow it.

This is critical to our everyday life and national security. We should contact our congressmen and ask them to immediately restore oil production now.

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